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This is how to extract the play time (min:sec)..

Reading through the boards for this very question, I wasn't able to find this answer. So I dove in, and found it very easy to extract.

So here's the underworkings.

Total_Seconds = File_Length / (bitrate / 8) / 1000;

To retrieve the bitrate, you'll need to read the first 4 bytes of the file, and mask out a bitindex value. This is stored in the upper 4 bits of the 3rd byte in the file.

Examp. of mask:

BitIndex = (Byte3 AND 240) / 16

The division just shifts the bits over so we can use the result for the bitrate lookup table.

This value will be used in a lookup table.

For standard mpeg 1 layer 3, use this table

0: BitRate = -1 (currupt file?)

1: BitRate = 32

2: BitRate = 40

3: BitRate = 48

4: BitRate = 56

5: BitRate = 64

6: BitRate = 80

7: BitRate = 96

8: BitRate = 112

9: BitRate = 128

10: BitRate = 160

11: BitRate = 192

12: BitRate = 224

13: BitRate = 256

14: BitRate = 320

(Other MPEG tables exist, try for more info)

Now once you have the Bitrate, you can use the formula:

Total_Seconds = File_Length / (bitrate / 8) / 1000;

And you got the length in seconds. (simple math to calc Min:Sec).

NOTES: This does not account for variable bitrate files, or files with different Khz, Mono, etc.. So you may have to adjust accordingly.

Hope this helps someone.


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