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(Visual C++) SQLBindCol: pointer mismatch

marth0935marth0935 Member Posts: 3
Hello. I have a bit of a problem in getting information from a result set from Access. Here's the deal:

ObjectId, the field that I want to retrieve, is of type number (integer). The following SQL statement was used in order to retrieve it:

SELECT * FROM O_Table WHERE ObjectId = 1;

In getting the result set, I used SQLBindCol and then SQLFetch. This is how I declared ObjectId as a structure (together with the rest of the fields).

} row;

In declaring the SQLBindCol function:

sr = SQLBindCol(hstmt, 1, SQL_C_SSHORT, row.ObjectId, sizeof(row.ObjectId), &row.IdLength);

The error returned the following during build time:
warning C4022: 'SQLBindCol' : pointer mismatch for actual parameter 4

Apparently, even though it is a warning, when I try to run it, the program ends with a fatal error and is required to terminate.

Thanks for anyone who can shed some light in this problem...
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