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Keyboard Hooking

GideonOmegaGideonOmega Member Posts: 617
I have implemented keyboard hooking using the user32 API - the problem that I'm having is that every key pressed is generating 2 call backs - I can make it work for regular keystrokes by having the chr(Vk_code) - where flags = 0 - that way I don't miss any keys strokes-- the problem that I'm having is that command keys such as back space - are doubled that way -

I have a sub that checks the getAsyncKeyState of the command keys similar to the following:

sub CheckControls(byval VK_code as integer, byval flags as integer)
if getAsyncKeyState(VK_BKSPACE) then
CHAR_BUFFER(1) = iif(flags = 0,chr(vk_code),"")
end if
end sub

the problem is the output is as follows if I hit backspace "{{BS}"

{ is the char representation of the vk_code value of Backspace - this is not ideal -- if I change the flags = 0 to flags <> 0 then this corrects the issue - however with that setting if the input is typed to fast then keys are missed whereas if flag = 0 is used you won't miss any key strokes.

I can provide more code if requested - I'm not very familiar with Hooks so I'm sorry if this is not clear.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • GideonOmegaGideonOmega Member Posts: 617
    No worries, I found a way around it by checking against whether the shift key was active + the vk_keycode

    Thanks for looking anyways.
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    Run Dos Run
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