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need help on fork() and exec()

Good day

Can anybody assist me on my C project?I gotta write a C program to create a new process and within that new process execute a given function,and it focuses on the usage of system calls fork() and exec().

The user should be able to input and specify a pathname of a file to be executed and the required arguments or a string indicating the end of the run.The program should fork a child to execute the required program.

Really need the answer A.S.A.P...thanks a lot!



  • bilderbikkelbilderbikkel Member Posts: 754
    Please don't crosspost.
  • unixfreakunixfreak Member Posts: 9
    my dear freind,
    google/use richard steven's advanced programming in Unix environment.
    thats wgat i do normally, if cant find then reply i will give you the
    it divides the process in two or more parts after each its calling into: parent process and child process, where child process is pid==0

    If(int Childpid==0)
    exec(what the child has to do);
    ask parent to do what you want
    }also make sure you dont create a situation where parent is completed before please read the suggested link
    hope it will help, if not then please ask
  • lutfi_klutfi_k Member Posts: 3
    thanks a lot for the reply!
    will try and solve the problem.

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