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How to get Drive Parameters

bc030200044bc030200044 Member Posts: 1
Hi , I am perplexed and I dont find a clue how to get drive parameters using interrupt 13H service 8 which has to be non extended service..please help me with this:

i have following information

AH = 08h
DL = drive (bit 7 set for hard disk)
ES:DI = 0000h:0000h to guard against BIOS bugs
Return:CF set on error
AH = status (07h) (see #00234)
CF clear if successful
AH = 00h
AL = 00h on at least some BIOSes
BL = drive type (AT/PS2 floppies only) (see #00242)
CH = low eight bits of maximum cylinder number
CL = maximum sector number (bits 5-0)
high two bits of maximum cylinder number (bits 7-6)
DH = maximum head number
DL = number of drives
ES:DI -> drive parameter table (floppies only)

but i dont know how to make a program in .C...can anyone help or give me a hint how to do this??
Thanks in advance.
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