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Making forms editable!! Mail merge!!

sooragssoorags Member Posts: 18
How can I make forms frmNz2, frmNz3 and frmSearchResults editable? Their AllowEdit, AllowDeletion, etc, properties are all set to Yes. The first two forms contain subforms, within which I would like to edit the information. The other form displays each of my records but does not let me edit them. How can I use this form to add new records, without having to scroll all the way down through all of the existing companies? Also, for one of the main forms, frmNz, I have created a USE MAIL MERGE FACILITY command button. How can I select companies from the subform on this form, and then make this button open a MS Word mail merge facility which can send a letter (for example) to all of the selected companies?
Please get back to me asap if you have any ideas. Thank you.

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