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Mail merge command button and adding new business information.

sooragssoorags Member Posts: 18
On my database system I have a View Directory form. On this form I have a 'Use Mail Merge Facility' button. I would like to be able to select companies from the subform and then click on this command button. I want this command button to then open up Microsoft Word Mail Merge so that a letter template (for example) is displayed and available to be sent to the selected companies. How can I make this happen?

Also, on the Amend Directory -- Add Business Information form, I would like to be able to enter new business records and then save them. As seen, this form is already displaying existing business information. If I use the mouse scroll button (the third button on most new mice) the form scrolls through all existing records to the very end, where there is a blank record. Here I can enter a new business record which saves automatically. How can I make it possible to enter new records on the form without having to scroll all the way through existing information to the bottom? I do not know how to scroll through the information via keyboard, only by using the mouse.
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