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Write an COMPort-Emulator

avgpavgp Member Posts: 1
Well I have the following idea:
I got an RS232-Device, a Desktop-PC with a serial port and a laptop without a serial port...the pcs are connected through ethernet...but my desktop is in use by my girlfriend most of the time (and I want to use the laptop due to comfortability reasons :) ) - but I need the communication with the serial port; so I am thinking about writing a program which simulates a COM-Port on the laptop (because the program I need to run for using the device only accepts COM-Ports) where I am putting all the incomming data on the ethernet and send them to the desktop, where another program waits for them and brings them on the (there) existing COM-Port onto the device and the other way around.
But therefore I need to emulate a COM-Port...but how can I develop something like this? I don't know how to "fake" a COM-Port :(
Does anyone got any idea?

Thanks in advance!
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