Running a DOS program


I am writting a GUI with two buttons, Start and End.

Basically, when I clicked on the Start Button, it will launch a *.exe file in DOS mode. The follow is the code which I used,
CreateProcess( NULL, "c:\abc.exe", NULL, NULL, TRUE, 0, NULL, NULL, &siStartInfo, &piProcInfo );

As I do not have access to the coding for abc.exe, I cannot include it into my MFC file. abc.exe will just display some text and do some communication with the USB port and feedback information and display it on the screen

The two problems I'm facing now are,
1) How can I make the DOS screen to appear within my MFC GUI? The current code used will pop up a new DOS screen.
2) How can I extract the information from the abc.exe? I would like to store the extracted information in a text file.

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