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Well i am not very expert in Windows API and i created a programm with an interface to solve the boggle game with DEV-CPP. Now i was trying to improve the interface changing the colours of the button and so on but i cant do that. I found this web page online


that explains how to use "Buttons That Are Not Owner Drawn" they gave me this functionand told me that i have to define it

void BoxPainter(
HWND hDlg, // window handle
UINT uBox, // box to paint
LRESULT lState); // state of box

and then they use a strange

BOOL CALLBACK ButtonProc(HWND hDlg, UINT message, WPARAM wParam,
LPARAM lParam)
that i never saw. So the probably stupid question is: is it possible to change the graphic of the standard buttons??are there some parrticular funcitons i can use? In that web page i wrote before there is a really nice picture of some kind of buttons i think you should get using the code they gave u but i am pretty confused. I looked fo a long time in the web but i didn found anything i can use, So please give me some suggestions, i will appeciate it a lot.

Thank You very much,

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