Devices in the registry?

SephirothSephiroth Fayetteville, NC, USA
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Alright, I need to create a drop-down list of communication devices installed in a system, such as a NIC or a modem. Once the user selects one, I need to get the device ID that the registry uses to store info about it. For example, my NIC is stored in the key:
Now, I need to figure out how to get a list of the devices, then get that funky ID in brackets for the one the user has selected. How would I do this?

Also, could somebody explain to me how to add the string name (or any string) to a combo box with a drop-down list? I have been trying WM_SETTEXT, CB_ADDSTRING, and CB_SETITEMDATA, and none seem to work. Thanks for the help.


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