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How to set properties of an OWC-spreadsheet imported in an ASP Page?

[b][red]This message was edited by shraddha1904 at 2006-11-27 5:53:18[/red][/b][hr]
hello all...
i've very less experience over ASP programming,please see me a good solution of a problem which states as:
I have imported an OWC spreadsheet component in my asp-page, now i am required to set its property in such a way that, even if i enter a numeric value, it should treat it as string or text. For eg. if i enter 00000 in one of the cell, it should remain as 00000, whereas normally it truncates to 0,as a numeric entry.
this property can be set manually in MS Office-excel tool through format - style option present in menu-bar.
please tell me to acheive this programatically in ASP.
i would appreciate you earliest reponse.
for any clarification, please mail back to me.....

Thanks in advance..

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