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Receiving bytes from a Microcontroller


I have written a program to calculate checksum for an EEPROM image from the Host side. The same file will be downloaded into EEPROM & also the checksum will be calculated after the download is complete into the EEPROM.

I need to Receive this checksum value from Microcontroller (CY7C68013) & compare it with the checksum calculated in the Host side.

Can anyone suggest me with the pseudo-code to receive the checksum byte from Microcontroller.

To download an image into EEPROM, I am using the following function.

BOOL DeviceIoControl(
HANDLE hDevice,
DWORD dwIoControlCode,
LPVOID lpInBuffer,
DWORD nInBufferSize,
LPVOID lpOutBuffer,
DWORD nOutBufferSize,
LPDWORD lpBytesReturned,
); [b]

Th same is Explained in detail in MSDN library.

Can anybody please suggest me with the solution....

Best Regards,

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