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Crystal report License in ASP.NET

arunkumar_p_varunkumar_p_v Member Posts: 1
Most of us are facing numerous problems because of crystal reports that comes with VS.NET. It fails to acquire license in the specified time limit. It is not possible to scale the users in web applications using crystal reports unless or otherwise we purchase some more license from Business Objects Crystal reports online stores.

One solution i figured out was to use Threading in Web application to prevent concurrent request reaching the point of creation of report document.

The mutex class in System.Threading can be used to put all other simultaneous requests to wait state. the code will look like ...

namespace CrytalReportLicenseFailure
class CRAvoidFailure
private static Mutex mut = new Mutex();
void reportCreation()
crReportDocument = new ReportDocument();


Is there any other possible solutions for this kinda situation other than this that will enhance the functionality without affecting the performance?

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