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redirecting file requests with asp?

detailed description of what i need done.
im sure there is a very simple way to do this but i have not found it yet for some reason.

i want to display or embed an image or sound file or something (say on a persons blog or somethin) by using
img src="" or some other similar tag.

but that is not where my image is stored.
my image is stored at "http://myipaddress/directory/pics/image.jpg"

i need all requests for all files in the "comcast/alienclone/pics" directory to be redirected to the "myipaddress/directory/pics" directory, without having to specify each file seperatly.

so if a persons computer is looking in "comcast/alienclone/pics" for
"non-specific.jpg" , it will tell it to look for "non-specific.jpg" in "myipaddress/directory/pics".

i have a dynamic ip address so i need something that i can easily alter each time my ip address changes (which is only about every month or so)

i dont know anything about asp or php or java or any of the other stuff that i should probably learn about but am pretty familiar with html.

sorry i dont know how else to word the problem.

i think comcast allows asp and php. but i dont think it allows .htaccess

i have only been searching for an answer for about 1 month now, but i am already going crazy.
im on the verge of giving up (which i really dont want to do) so if anyone can please help me i would be very greatful and i might change my mind about blowing my head off.
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