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Select Distinct problem

BigPete85BigPete85 Member Posts: 30
I have an SQL statment SELECT DISTINCT operLastName, operFirstName, operRegion, operHourlyRate FROM operator_information; in a drop down box. And the different textboxes on the form will grab the information from the combo box and populate.

Private Sub operLastName_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
operFirstName.Value = operLastName.Column(1)
txtRegion.Value = operLastName.Column(2)
txtHourlyRate.Value = operLastName.Column(4)
End Sub

the problem however is that if the employee ends up getting a raise and has a new hourly rate applied to him, the combo box will end up showing him twice, once for the old wage and once for the new wage....How do i eliminate this and have him only show up once? i was thinking about addind a Max(operHoulyRate) to the Select statment but it has not worked.
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