C# application in .NET for object push

hi ppl!!
Can anyone of you find any software/dll for .net which can allow me to access the bluetooth on my PC. Something like http://franson.com/BlueTools/guide.asp?section=csNetSetup&platform=net
this but free. Anything will do that allows me to access my bluetooth on the desktop using .net. If u have the software at the aforementioned link pleeeez pass it on it will be great...any other similar softwares with same functionalities will do...
Please please do help!! Its really important.



  • hi piyush,

    I was having the same problem...I sorted it out using InTheHand library provided by 32feet.net for c# .Net.

    U can check this link www.32feet.net/Default.aspx

    May be this can help u....

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