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desperate need of help

innocentmeinnocentme Posts: 9Member
Hi , i am new to this borad and iam in desperate need of help. i ahve bben working on this project and i can get it o work can someone help me out ti is due thursday by midnight.

You have just been hired by Eagle Airlines. Your first assignment is to
write a program for their reservation system. The company has only one plane,
with a capacity of 3 passengers, and reservations are made for the next
flight only. Your program should be menu driven and support the following
operations for a reservation list and waitlist (queue).

First, the assumptions:
The reservation list hence forth designated as RL has a capacity for 3 clients.
The wait list hence forth designated as WL has a capacity for 3 clients.
Only a client's name is necessary for a reservation or waitlist.
A client's name is a string of first name followed by a string for last name.
Clients (passengers) will not attempt to make reservations more than once.

The menu operations are:
1. r(eservation): the program should ask for and read the client's name.
Then place them in the RL if there is room, else the WL if there is room,
else tell them RL and WL is full.
The feedback should be RLed, WLed or Not_RLedOrWLed.

2. c(ancellation): the program should ask for and read the client's name.
Then find the client in the RL or WL and remove them. When a client is
removed from the RL, the client next in line (if any) in the WL is placed
in the RL.
The feedback should be Deleted from RL, Deleted from WL or Not_In_RL_Or_WL
If someone is move from WL to RL also print ___ moved to RL.

3. s(ave): the program should ask for and read the name of a disk file. Next,
it should write the names in the RL followed by the names in the WL to the
The feedback should be "---x--- names from RL saved and ---x--- names from
WL saved".
Note that the RL and WL should retain their information after the save.

4. u(pdate): the program should ask for and read the name of a disk file.
Next, it should read up to three names from the file into the RL and the
names after that into the WL. Note: there may be anywhere from 0 to 6 names
in the file, and WL names come after RL names.
The feedback should be " -x- names placed in RL and -x- names placed in WL".
Note: The values in RL and WL are replaced by what's read from the file.

5. d(isplay): this displays the RL to the screen. Then the Wl is displayed
in a chronological. Use proper headings to distinguish the two lists.
Display one client per line.

6. e(xit): terminate the program.

Note: All access to queue data members must be via the queue constructor,
isEmpty, isFull, enqueue and dequeue. Use a method for each of steps
1 to 5 above. Use at least two classes - one for the queue and another for the
reservation system.

Use the following pseudo-code for the main pgm. You may modify it with my
do {
read command
switch(command) {
'r', 'R': call Reservation(RL, WL)
'c', 'C': call Cancellation(RL, WL)
's', 'S': call Save(RL, WL)
'd', 'D': call Display(RL, WL)
'u', 'U: call Update(RL, WL)
} while (command != 'e') and (command != 'E')

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