Am I hitting the max limit of fields for an OleDBdataAdaptor

Ok, I hope you guys/girls can help me. I seem to be having a problem using an access DB and when I try to create the OleDBDataAdaptor using the wizard I get the following error on trying to generate the select statement.

'Generated Select Statement There were errors configuring the data adaptor'

It has only occurred since the customer has requested more fields (Columns), I have now got 100 fields and this is the point the error occurrs.

Is this error caused due to hitting a limit of max fields (column). Seems to be strange if I am hitting the 64k limit character limit.

What would be the best way around this as it would be a huge amount of work to split the table, just to add 10 more fields or so or would I have to generate the statements manually as already mentioned. Could cause problems as almost all of it databound in some form.


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