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Installing on a networkdrive


I made a application which is using Access databases.
When I install the application on a local drive, there is no problem running it. But when I install on a network drive, the application won't run.

This is the situation.
At the office I work, i intalled the application on my computer hard-drive (c:). The application works fine and i can access the network drive (i:) from withing the application.
But when i install the application on the network (i:), then a can't run the application from my computer.

Please help.


  • vbnewbiejoepvbnewbiejoep Member Posts: 39
    Well, i know the problem now.
    It has something to do with the security settings in the dotnetframework. I have to start the dotnetframework wizzard and set my application as "trusted source". The problem however is that i have about 100 computers and they all have to run the dotnet wizzard. Is there a way to make these changes in the dotnetframework on all the 100 computers with just one single computer?

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