How to use Triggers in DTC

I am facing a problem while executing a trigger between 2 Linked SQL Servers. I am able to do Select, Insert, call stored procedures in a linked server. But triggers are not getting executed.

The scenario is as follows:

There are 2 servers (A, B) (with win 2003) both having SQL Servers 2000.

Server A has a database called TestDBA with a table called TestA. This contains a trigger on insert, which inserts a record to the table TestB.

Server B has a database called TestDBB with a table called TestB.

I have created a link between these 2 servers using sp_addlinkedserver stored procedure. So the connection is established.

But the trigger is not getting executed. I am getting an error like The operation cannot be performed because the OLE DB Provider MSDASQL was unable to begin a distributed transaction.

But i am able to run a select, insert,.. statements between these 2 servers. Also was able to execute a stored procedure of TestB from TestA.

Thanks for any help
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