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RDA Doubt..

tpadhutpadhu Member Posts: 43

I'm using RDA to make commn. b/w SQL server 2000 and SQL CE.

I've Pulled a table from SQL server 2000 and made some changes.
I donot want to push the updates to the same table.

I hope Push works (updates) when u use a same table (from where u pulled from)

I need to push the updates into a new table (SQL server 2000 side).
so i'm using SubmitSQL method. Is it correct?

If so, how to pass the column values from SQLCE table to SQL table?

Can i use "Insert Into sqltable(Columnname) Select columnname from SQLCEtable"?


Parameterized approach?

I'm totally confused with this.
can anyone help me?

Thank u!

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