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Problem with porting of Linux code to Windows, FORTRAN/C.


There is a Linux console tool (written in FORTRAN/C) which I want to port under Windows. It can be started with one parameter:

$gribprint gfs1.grib

Example output on the console:

rec GRIB Lvl Lvl Lvl Time Fcst
Num Code Code one two hour
1 11 1 0 0 2005-10-11_00:00 +00

I have success with the compilation of the program under Windows. If I run it without argument it works fine and displays a help message. But if I run it with an argument (gfs1.grib) it starts to read the file and then it gives error message (it says that error log is created but I can't find it, W2K). The file is ok. I'm wondering where is the problem and I guess that it's in the file:


where are the I/O (read & write) functions. Here are the original sources for UNIX/Linux:

Thanks for any ideas!

Best Regards,



  • pgvnayak_mlpgvnayak_ml Member Posts: 19
    For sure I am very fresh to your Linux environment.
    But I have heard that the file system in Windows and Linux are not the same. They are different. I hope its ext2 or something for Linux.
    Is there anything that this can do.
    I m sorry if I am not right, for I am new to Linux.

    With regards,
    P.Guru Vinayak

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