I would like to have the source code the Character-Pair Game

I got the job from school but it very very difficult from me.

Please give me the source code.

Please see below :

Character-Pair Game

Write a program in intel assembly that implements the character-pair game. The game will randomly put 500 characters of A to Z on the screen. Each character will move up,down,left or right until the same characters are hit. Then both characters will dasappear from the screen,If a character hits the edge of the screen,it will turn back to the opposite direction. If a character runs into different character,it will bounce to the oppersite direction too. The program will run until all characters are paired out, or until you hit the ESC key. Finally, you must print the number of hitting character pairs and the number of remaining non-pair characters on the screen.

Thank you very much for help .


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