Math question

Hey guys, I just have a quick question.

I've been working with powers of numbers.. or rather HUGE numbers..
My method can calculate 256^256 in under a second (Actually it calculates it factorially in about 1 second.. meaning 256^0, 256^1, 256^2 .. 256^255, 256^256) I don't have exact execution time but I believe it is extremely fast.

My computer is very basic.. pentium 3 processor.. nothing more than a simple computer.. program created with visual basic 6.0

My question is.. is this anything special? Are there methods out there that can do this kind of math quicker?

The reason I ask.. I actually just sort of found out how rsa encryption works.. (sorta) and it deals with large numbers to large powers (I think).. and if my method of calculation is as quick and advanced as I think (hope haha) it is, then I would like to see if I have something valuable.. (maybe)

FYI heck no =P I can't give any code out. I am currently in AIT training for the US Army and I don't have my computer with me. But I'm still working on encryption and compression in my spare time (programmer for life!)

Anyway, thanks for the guidance and you're time.

- Skylar
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