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opening a port?

does anyone know how to open a port in delphi?



  • anthrax11anthrax11 Posts: 511Member
    : does anyone know how to open a port in delphi?
    : thanx....

    I found an piece of code that uses inline assembly:

    [code]function ReadPortB
    ( wPort : Word ) : Byte;
    mov dx, wPort
    in al, dx
    mov result, al

    procedure WritePortB
    ( wPort : Word; bValue : Byte );
    mov dx, wPort
    mov al, bValue
    out dx, al

    This may have problems with WinNT based systems, they dont like you having direct access to ports, but with some special programs you can make it work.

    Or you could try this one:
    You have to link the functions of the DLL to your application. Add these two lines of code to the implementation part:

    [code]function Inp32(wAddr: word): byte; stdcall; external 'inpout32.dll';
    function Out32(wAddr: word; bOut: byte): byte; stdcall; external 'inpout32.dll';[/code]

    Later, use the functions, for example:
    { Send 65 to port 378 }
    { Read port 378 }
    ShowMessage('Port $378:'+ IntToStr(Inp32($378)));

    Note, that this dll gives you 2 functions: Out32 and Inp32, nothing else.

    Hope it helps!

    Oh, were you talking about the internet related ports, which i have no idea of or did you mean the 65536 ports in your CPU?
    Hope it was the last one...

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