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XML question

Me1Me1 Member Posts: 29
Hello all.
currently i am having an issue with xml. me and my friend are writing a basic multiplayer pong game between flash and java.
Well anyway the problem we are experiancing is that we want to write to each other in XML. eg:


so that the client can tell the server details about the player ones paddle.
well the problem is that i can recieve the information once before the program crashes as after the first time it is looping so it is causing a SAX exception.



I have tried using the input from the client as being the inputStream for the XML reader. and i have also tried writing to a blank file after each incoming message but both were unsuccessful in working past the first entry.
I was wondering if there was anyway around this problem? Or if there is any xml parser or method where I could just parse in a string or a string buffer and have the xml parser translate it?

BTW i am using the sax parser at the moment.
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