Mapping domains to IP's - DNS and virtual hosts

I'm trying to set up a virtual host configuration so that I can have several websites on the same server.

I've put this into my httpd.conf file:


DocumentRoot "C:/program files/apache group/apache2/htdocs/musiclicks/"
ErrorLog logs/musiclicks_test
CustomLog logs/musiclicks_test common

DocumentRoot "C:/program files/apache group/apache2/htdocs/datel/"
ErrorLog logs/datel_test
CustomLog logs/datel_test common


I did this by reading the documentation. However, the documentation also says that you have to map the domain names to a DNS server. How would I do this? This is on a Win XP machine, which is configured to receive it's DNS automatically. I want to map the addresses to the IP so that I can have several websites on my testing machine.

Please help,

many thanks,

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