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Scrolling Marquee

VooDoo_06VooDoo_06 Posts: 3Member
I would like to integrate a scrolling marquee into my program. If any1 has any code i could use the help. thanks.


  • ImDaFrEaKImDaFrEaK Posts: 29Member
    What version of VB are you using and are you not happy with the standard progress bar. You know you can make it a scrolling marquee.
  • Bulldog_466Bulldog_466 Posts: 4Member
    : I would like to integrate a scrolling marquee into my program. If any1 has any code i could use the help. thanks.
    ' Subject: SIMPLE BANNER SCROLL Date: 09-05-95 (16:43)
    ' Author: The ABC Programmer Code: QB, QBasic, PDS
    ' Origin: Used within the ABC Reader Packet: TEXT.ABC
    ' Simple Banner Scroll by William Yu 09-05-1995
    ' Scrolls a line of text from right to left

    DECLARE SUB Delay (Seconds!)
    DECLARE SUB BannerScroll (Text$, ForeColor, BackColor, BeginCol, EndCol, Row)


    ' Make sure you add a trailing space at the end of TEXT$

    Text$ = "Hello, my name is William Yu, and I'm The ABC Programmer. "
    ForeColor = 15
    BackColor = 0
    BeginCol = 70
    EndCol = 20
    Row = 25

    BannerScroll Text$, ForeColor, BackColor, BeginCol, EndCol, Row

    SUB BannerScroll (Text$, ForeColor, BackColor, BeginCol, EndCol, Row)

    ' Since this is a banner scroll, the starting point is always the highest
    ' If not then we exit the subroutine

    IF EndCol >= BeginCol THEN EXIT SUB

    DEF SEG = &HB800 ' You must have a Color Monitor to use POKE

    Y = 0
    FOR X = BeginCol TO EndCol STEP -1
    Y = Y + 1
    LOCATE Row, X: COLOR ForeColor, BackColor: PRINT LEFT$(Text$, Y);
    ' If you like, you can have multiple colors
    ' To do this you POKE the color attribute to anything you want
    ' Here's an example, you'll have to modify it to suit your banner method
    POKE 3977, 7
    POKE 3979, 8
    ' Another way is to use random colors or define colors in an array.
    Delay .1
    NEXT X
    Y = 1
    H = BeginCol - EndCol + 1
    E = LEN(Text$)
    Y = Y + 1
    LOCATE Row, EndCol: COLOR ForeColor, BackColor: PRINT MID$(Text$, Y, H);
    Delay .1


    SUB Delay (Seconds)
    Time = TIMER
    XDELAY = Time + Seconds
    IF INKEY$ <> "" THEN END
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