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need help ----- auto response email problem

The script I wrote below seems to be submitting a response to the (customers email), but is not sending the customers response to me as the (employee)of their requests.

Could someone look over this script within the (email to employee)section & see if there might be something I am overlooking???

I am also enclosing the html page which might help you determine why this script is having a problem working within that area. Again, it is most likely an over sight of something that you may see in which I dont!

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you in advanced.


#Perl subroutine Script

require "";


#mail program


#perl subroutine content-type

print &PrintHeader;

unless (-e $mailprog)


print <<"PrintTag";<br>

Cannot find $mailprog.

There is a typo in the mail program path.




#web page (Form confirmation)

print <<"PrintTag";<br>


Thank You!

Thanks for filling out our form.

Check your e-mail for a message from us.



#----------(email) to customer------------

#open mail program

open (MAIL, "|$mailprog") || die "Can't open $mailprog

#message header

print MAIL "To: $in{'email'}

print MAIL "Reply-To: $in{'myemail'}

print MAIL "From: $in{'myemail'}

print MAIL "Subject: Your catalog request.


#body of message

print MAIL <<"PrintTag";<br>
Dear $in{'custname'}:

Thank you for writing. This e-mail confirms that

we have received your request for a catalog.

Please look for it soon!

Sincerely yours,



#close mail program, send email to client


#----------(email) to employee------------

#open mail program

open (MAIL, "|$mailprog") || die "Can't open $mailprog

#message header

print MAIL "To: $in{'myemail'}

print MAIL "Reply-To: $in{'email'}

print MAIL "From: $in{'email'}

print MAIL "Subject: Catalog Order.


#body of message

print MAIL <<"PrintTag";<br>
Please rush a catalog to:



$in{'city'} $in{'state'} $in{'zip'}




#close mail program, send email to employee


#end of program

----------Html page -------------


Please enter email address:






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