help me to upload data into mysql from a text file

hi all,

I'm having problems in uploading data from a text file into mysql which is in the same computer. The main problem is that i'm not able to use the 'load infile' command as there is no delimiters in the text file to seperate two fields.One field is just followed by another field with out any space or delemiters. This text file is automatically created backup file from a software, so i cant introduce any delimiters into it while creation of the file.

is there any solution for this???

looking forward for your help


  • Maybe you can try MySQL Administrator (A free GUI app for MySQL) or/and PHP MyAdministrator, they can create back ups and restore databases from *.sql , *.txt files.

  • Hi,

    This task is very easy with the mysql turbo manager, I suggest to check this product or other MySQL GUI's.

  • MySQL Maestro is a powerful Windows GUI solution for MySQL server administration and database development ( It would surely help you. Besides, it has 30 days trial period, that you would have time to do everything you need. Using MySQL Maestro work with database becomes easy as abc.
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