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Urgent help needed for WML, Receiving SMS, VB, ASP WAP

I am a Systems Engineer that mainly codes in VB and its derivitives, C and its derivitives and Java.

I have been posed with a problem whereby a "gate judge" or "fence judge" has to send scores back to a central serverto update scores for a horse jumping cross country event. I have never used WML before and the two considerations for the solution are:
(1)that the "gate judge" sends an SMS via their mobile phone/PDA to the server that then carries out the rest of the work (Q1) How do I receive these SMS is there a peice of hardware needed, I know how to send then from the PC, what software I need and that an SMS gateway is needed.

(2) the second solution is to create a WAP site whereby the results can be submitted to the server through a WAP browser.
(Q2) Is there a connection speed advantage to either(Q3) can anyone explain JDBC, MIDP2, Midlets,Servlets and Applets(Q4) which solution would be better in terms of ease of use, speed, error handling etc

My idea is just to use WAP and ASP with some server side scripting and an administration package here - any further thoughts and ideas greatly appreciated. I take it a WAP gateway can be set up on IIS for a trial site?


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