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use yahoo mail with java mail api??


I am trying to sent mail with java mail, but with no success..

Is it possible for someone to use a regular mail (like yahoo,gmail,hotmail..) to sent mail using the java mail api?

The code I use (which i found on the internet) must be right,
but something is wrong with the host I use..

for yahoo I use "" and my regular
username and password.

Thanks in advance!


  • BreadfanBreadfan Member Posts: 22
    A minute ago I've posted a new message regarding your problem; 2 months ago my code worked with Free SMTP server( which comes first when you type free smtp server at google). Now it doesn't and I can't understand why
  • BreadfanBreadfan Member Posts: 22
    I think that we should use our own SMTP server on our PC to send mail using the mail api.
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