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I m doing a diagnostic test program for memory. I would like to write a program to test with all different methods. I have heard of terms like checkerboards, march c, sliding diagonal. But I do not know what it means and the algorithms. Could some one point me in the right direction to start my coding e.g to explain the algorithms? Thanks.


  • Hi,

    Eventhough so many tests are available, you can follow a very simple test for the memory.
    First read a memory location. Store it in a variable. Then write the complement of the read data to the same memory location. ie., if you are reading 0x00 from 0x0000, write 0xFF to 0x0000. Then read the data back. If it doesn't matches with 0x00, your memory location is bad. You can even identify which bit has gone bad by this simple check. Then write back the original data(0xFF) to 0x0000 and go to next memory location (0x0001).


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