Help!! SQL/ADO problem (easy...!)

im learning vb thru a book, which says i need access to SQL server and the Pubs database.
ive downloaded the sql server, but i cannot connect to it.
the book suggests the following code:
Dim objConnection As New SqlConnection = New_

how do i modify this code to connect to the server and use the pubs database? Do i have to download the pubs database as well?
i notice in the task bar the sql server i installed is called HPPC.

also, when i installed the server it requested a "Strong password"...what is this?

hope u guys can help!!


  • First: sql server 2000 sp? From SP3 the setup require an option (sapassword or sapwd in setup.ini) to protect Administrator account of SQL Server.

    Second: the instance require sql authentication or windows authentication? (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMICROSOFTMSSQLSERVERMSSQLSERVER key LoginMode 0x0002 for sql authentication)

    if you have problem write..

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