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Displaying the highest value after a SUM query

fatzfatz Member Posts: 1
First off thanks for reading - my first post here after trying to figure out Oracle!!

I have a few tables set up and the data inserted.
I have to set up a query that totals up the sales at various branches and then spits out which outlet has the best sales.

I used this query:

COMPUTE SUM OF dam_cost ON branch_no
BREAK ON branch_no SKIP 2
SELECT member.branch_no, dam_cost
FROM damage
INNER JOIN damage_type
ON damage.damage_code = damage_type.dam_type
INNER JOIN breakdown
ON damage.breakdown_id = breakdown.breakdown_id
ON breakdown.member_id = member.member_no
ORDER BY branch_no;

This results in a list that displays the branch number, the sales it has had and the sum of the sales. Now, how would I get the query just to display the branch with the highest sales???

I thought it would be fairly simple with the MAX() command, but I was wrong!

Thanks again and any help appreciated on the problem!!

Ry (Oracle newbie!!)
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