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DataGrid with only certain columns from a dataset

GhostOfHendrixGhostOfHendrix Posts: 5Member
Hey everyone.
I would like to know how to display data from a dataset in a datagrid with only certain columns included from the dataset. I know how to display all of the dataset into a datagrid, but I would like to leave out some fields such as recordID and such that I dont want to display to the user. Can someone help?

This is how I fill the datagrid:

dataAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapter(CommandString, conn);
ds = new DataSet();
dataAdapter.Fill(ds, "prog");
dataTable = ds.Tables["prog"];
totalRec = dataTable.Rows.Count;

//Can I Bind Only certain columns of the dataset?
dgEvents.SetDataBinding(ds, "prog");


  • Xtreme.NETXtreme.NET Posts: 112Member
    hi, what you can do is to make a datatable will the cols that you want to show in the datagrid then fill those cols of the datatable from your dataset...
    after which u can bind that table to the datagrid...
    will be very easy this way....

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  • GhostOfHendrixGhostOfHendrix Posts: 5Member
    Do you have some sample code that shows how to define the columns and how to fill them with the data? Thanks for the help!
  • Xtreme.NETXtreme.NET Posts: 112Member
    _strSql = ""
    Dim i As Short = 1
    Dim dtFac As DataTable = New System.Data.DataTable("Fac")

    objCommand = DbCore.GetCommand(_strSql)
    objDbReader = DbCore.ExecuteReader(objCommand)

    If DbCore.DBErrorNo <> 0 Then

    If Not objDbReader.Read Then

    Exit Sub
    Dim dRow As DataRow
    dRow = dtFac.NewRow
    dRow(0) = objDbReader.Item("Some Col that u need")
    dRow(1) = objDbReader.Item("Col u need")
    dRow(2) = objDbReader.Item("Col u need")
    dRow(3) = objDbReader.Item("Col u need")
    Loop While (objDbReader.Read())
    End If
    myDatagrid.DataSource = dtFac
    End If

    as u can see above i have use a data reader,
    similarly, you can get the data in a dataset and then copy it over as in case of data reader like below :
    Dim dRow As DataRow
    dRow = dtFac.NewRow
    dRow(0) = you dataset's col
    dRow(1) = you dataset's col
    dRow(2) = you dataset's col
    dRow(3) = you dataset's col


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