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mySQL API for C++ VS 2002

andy099andy099 Member Posts: 99
I have downloaded mySQL 4.1 and it works OK.

But I have been going around in circles trying to figure what to do with the mySQL++ (the API).

I have been on the mySQL web pages and others, but cant find good instructions on what to do.

Has anyone else been here before?

I have downloaded mysql++1.7.21 (but what do I do with it, its a TAR file - do I need another program to open it?).

Are they any instructions on installing the header files and libraries -I assume thats whats in the TAR file.



  • dededede Member Posts: 145
    Hi there,,
    First things first. Tar file is a compressed file used for *NIX(UNIX, LINUX,BLABLA). You must have *NIX to extract and install it.
    If you mean how to write a C++ code to implement the MySQL interfaces for C/C++ , you will have to include header files.
    and you will find these headers in the include directory,,, open it, read the prototypes, and use your imagenation. I think you will find some example included with MySQL itself.
    That's the best I can tell for now.

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