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Executable File Format: Need Suggestions

Okay, I am developing my new little component-based language. Now, I have developed a file format for component executable files (CXE format). It appears to work fine in theory. Essentially it is three linked lists: the first is the chain of all records describing a component (code and data) as prototype and object instance. The second is the chain of all records describing sections of mutable code and data for these component-objects.

Here lies the rub: This can get real bloated real quick. I ran a simple (depending on your definition of "simple") thought experiment and realized that this format is VERY scalable, but requires periodic defragmentation.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    The end result of a few month's work is this:

    (1) no suggestions were made.
    (2) I continued my research into developing a component-executable file format for the CBOOP project and determined that--

    (a) The file format is really a file system within the native system of the supporting op/sys. Component Executable (CXE) files contain components (code and data) as discrete modules. These modules can be encoded in such a way as to minimize space occupied by repeating sequences in the code and data of other components without hindering the modularity of the component framework.

    (b) Component Executables require a loader component for the op/sys. This loader must consist of two parts: a manager and a loader. The loader actually loads and executes component objects from the file(s). The maintainer maintains the CXE files and periodically defragements/compresses each file as needed in the background.

    (c) Given the overhead, much of this will need to be optimized over time to tweak out as many processor cycles as possible.


    NOW: any feedback?

    Excellence Breeds! Go Hard or Go Home.

    Let Penguins rule the earth.
    Break some windows today.

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