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Help... Win/XP System Trashed?

mdmatsonmdmatson Member Posts: 1
I have a very strange and serious problem. I am running Windows/XP Pro on a relatively new Dell with 512 KB memory, a 2.8 Intel Processor, a 15 Flat Panel Screen and two CD/DVD drives.

After running a Norton Antivirus scan, I rebooted the system and it came back totally trashed. The screen is now running at 4 color low res with no other options, the machine can not see the internal modem and the two CD/DVD drives are no longer accessible. Also, whenever I go to the Control Panel, I get a message that IExplorer has caused an unrecoverable error and must shutdown.

While attempting to correct the problem, I was trying a number of things and at one point; I received a message that an Error 19 occurred in the Registry.

Does anyone have any idea as to what happened and how I can fix the system? Thanks in advance for any help.

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