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Hi. I notice in the url field on some web pages a small logo that comes before the http:// ie:..this site "logo"http://www.programmersheaven.com. How does one create this?...I have always been curious, and have never been able to figure this out...any help will be appreciated.


  • Create your icon, you may need to get hold of an icon editor to do this, but many grapghics programs can now produce them. This must be 16x16. Save it as favicon.ico. What happens is that the icon is searched for in your webspace root directory by Internet Explorer and if found, displayed. Unfortunately not all servers allow IE to do searches and the icon will not appear.

    In this case you can call the icon whatever you like and place the following code in the section of your page. It can be either relative or absolute ...


    Once you've done that the icon will appear when you add the page to your favorites.

    One odd behaviour of these icons is that if you drag the default logo to the right then a new icon sometimes appears in its place.

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