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mfc and wglCreateContext()

alakesealakese Member Posts: 5
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I need information about wglCreateContext().

1- I call CMyOpenGL::OnPaint() every second.
2- I use wglCreateContext() and wglDeleteContext() in it,
I want user to push a button and save the image! Because of wglDeleteContext() that does not happen.
3- i tried to create in OnCreate(), and destroy OnDestroy()
but then i don t see anything,

Does anyone know this behavior


  • CroWCroW Member Posts: 348
    i dont use MFC but with simple win32-api and opengl its the best to include your render-scene-func in the message-loop for your window (for animated scenes).however its not a good idea to create a new rendercontext each frame and release it after drawing.create one context at application startup and release it before exiting.
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