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Programmers Needed!

Hello, I'm the new owner of a new gaming company, but we have little to no budget. We are looking for one or two coders who are fluent in C++ and can work with The Nebula Device v2 ( or are willing to learn to work with it.

Please reply with your e-mails or e-mail me directly.

- Luis


  • sid_kkrsid_kkr Member Posts: 20
    Im a programmer from germany and i would say
    i understand what i do. (And i hope others do too ;))
    Here some questions 'bout that:

    1.Why do you want to use "The Nebula Device"?
    2.Are you a programmer and using this system, or someone in your
    3.What are your ideas for games?
    4.What do you expect of me? (see- you allready have a 3d workaround-
    well it's not a 3d engine...but it makes lot of work for you)

    There are more questions, but anyway,
    i think thats enough for the moment.

    Nice day

  • tylerhadfuntylerhadfun Member Posts: 26
    ummm, i hope u dont mind me askin, but i was wounderin what its like 2 work as a programmer. u see, im only in high school, but i plan on going to college as a programmer. so also, is it worth it? is it good being in the programming field?
  • kaku_14kaku_14 Member Posts: 10
    sign me on i'm a ogre3d programmer, willing to learn about nebula.. but gimme more info on wat you wanna do.. even if it is long term..
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