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Need help with simple database



  • Rodimus PrimeRodimus Prime Member Posts: 51
    [b][red]This message was edited by Rodimus Prime at 2004-6-24 17:29:29[/red][/b][hr]
    : I'll be in touch via e-mail with a program and source code for a typical database that lets the user add/delete/modify info within the database. I'll use Delphi Ver3 for the code since I know a program written in D3 works fine in D7 (and should therefore work fine in D6). I'm not sure if it would work in reverse order from D7 to D6.
    : GM

    Thanks, but will you answer my other questions in the e-mail, coz I don't think I am the stage of entering input yet coz I was stuck with the last two steps of your second tutorial.
    And if you can, please send the e-mail as soon as you can, I'd really like to continue with this program

    Thanks a lot

    EDIT - I haven't got your mail yet, r u gonna send it soon????

    Thank you

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