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SELECT statement Condition limit?

rlcrlc Member Posts: 448
Is there a limit to the number of conditions I can put in the WHERE clause of a SELECT statement?

I am recieveing a list of values (UIDS actually) and I need to dynamically create a SQL Statement. My only concern is if there is a limit to the number of conditions 'OR' in the Statement, the list could be anywhere from 1-1000+ values. Is it safe to construct the statement this large? Or I do I need to run individual queries, or batches with a max number. Any advise on the optimal way to do this would be appreciated.



  • xtrungmapxxtrungmapx Member Posts: 1
    I did the problem like you. I tried create statement with about 20,000 OR values and IN also. The SQL statement still run, but runtime is very long.

    I think that if we must to do this with a large number of checked value, so we should consider to choose another way.

    In my case, I tried to convert series of values to many ranges and used BETWEEN instead of OR.

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