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Apache 2.0 - multiple DSO implementation - help

TerriETerriE Member Posts: 4
I have apache 2.0 running on Solaris 2.9 with mod-so enabled. I have written 2 shared object modules, each with totally different functionality. However, when I attempt to call module mod_B from my web page, I get the results of module mod_A. When I switched around the order of modules in the httpd.conf file and restarted apache, then I always got the results of mod_B. It appears that I always get the results of whichever module directive is defined first in the httpd.conf file.

My httpd.conf file entries are as follows:

LoadModule mod_A_module /usr/local/apache2/modules/
LoadModule mod_B_module /usr/local/apache2/modules/

SetHandler mod_A_method_handler

SetHandler mod_B_method_handler

How can I get multiple DSO module implementation to work?

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