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IIS outbound bandwidth throttled??

mello88mello88 Member Posts: 1

Our server is on a 10mb line to the Internet. I can download via FTP from it at well over 300KB/s. However, if I try to download a file via http through IIS (the machine is a video respository) I only get 44KB/s. The bandwidth throttling settings are NOT set, although I did experiment with setting/unsetting them to no avail.

Any ideas why the IIS outbound bandwidth would be choked? From my machine I can run simultaneous 44KB/s downloads from the server. Using perfmon, the outbound bytes/sec increases by 44k for each download I start. There is very little other outbound traffic from the server (as per perfmon).

Does IIS bandwidth throttling have a bug where when disabled it remains active?

Thanks for any and all help!!

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