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Help with game

kc2keokc2keo Member Posts: 110
Hi my friend steve and I are making a game and the part i'm working on now is to get the client to be able to move the character around on the server. I have tried different prototypes and none seem to be successful. I am using winsock to do this. Using telnet for client for now.

The process of execution for Client:
1. connect to ip

2. enter player

3. This part is supposed to be moving the character around the screen by pressing w,a,s,d and that doesnt move it. I am only able to move it from the server side. When I tried to change the server to wait for a connection on every key and when it got a key it moved the character on the screen then went back to waiting mode for the other movements.

Server process of execution:

1. wait on port 23

2. handle player and display to map

3. controls the character from server not from client. I'm using telnet for client.

Here is the code which is 580 lines long so far:



  • kc2keokc2keo Member Posts: 110
    Hi again. We have started to make a couple of changes to the game. First of all Steve has started fooling around with BGI Graphics from an old Pong game. I have been trying to set up multiple operating systems. I am trying to move over to the Linux development envirnment and its kind of difficult given that we are using DirectMusic, Winsock and some functions from windows.h I'm trying to find substitutes in place of those.

    Thats about it right now,


    Reach me at:

    AIM IM: kc2keo

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