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Doing a Programming Language grammar

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Hi I'm suppose to put together a programming language grammar.

Any body here can recommend some good internet-links or some good books/ebooks on this topic ?



  • kooladikooladi Posts: 72Member
    in about 2 months time...i am also thinking of working on the same i will hound the net for it. Try google..and you are sure to find some cool links..
    when u say ur doing a programming language grammar..i assume ur trying to make a compiler...try out this link...
    its an ebook about generating compilers.

    and while we are on the good is your automata...bcoz u really have to have a sound base of automata to get anywhere in this.
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  • 684867684867 Posts: 110Member
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    I have been working since 1993 on a new language and programming paradigm that has evolved into a full design approach. What kind of language are you trying to spec.? Are you just detailing an existing language's grammar? Or are you stepping up to the plate for something real cool?

    Let me know.

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  • borgnetborgnet Posts: 3Member

    : I have been working since 1993 on a new language and programming paradigm that has evolved into a full design approach.

    I know that limits exhist in many computer languages.. maybe all.. (hope not) I want to learn programming but I don't know where to start or what language. I 'DO" know what I want from a language.. wich is to have as little limits as possible and as much freedom as possible, (free as a.. penguin!) even going down to binaries. I don't want to start learning something now, waste all that time and later, (too late) find restrictions that force me to invest alot of more time in learning another language, that would be too "innefficient". If you're creating a language that fits this description I would definitly like to be a part of it.. if not atleast have a contact or resources to learn more about it. (heck, i'll liekely learn it.) (i've also replid to your other post)

  • 684867684867 Posts: 110Member
    I started programming at age 12 (1987) with BASIC. I moved on to Pascal, C/C++, a little x86 Assembly and FORTRAN 77. A little SQL,
    HTML and so on is thrown in there as well (naturally).

    The languages, however, are not programming. Programming is the art of
    making elegant code. To do that you need to know computer science and
    mathematics. Those two subjects come together in such beautiful structures as the binary tree, hash table, linked lists, vector tables and neural nets.

    Remember: binary is the linear world we, as programmers, are trying to escape through greater levels of componentization and abstraction. So,
    my advice: Do you want to become a code jockey? If so, learn several of
    the existing languages. Then you will appreciate the languages of the future and be able to develop them yourself. After all, without a language under your belt, how can you define a new language?

    If you are interested in this project of mine, focus on learning c++. Let me know when you are ready.

    Excellence Breeds! Go Hard or Go Home.

    Let Penguins rule the earth.
    Break some windows today.

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