Pocket PC and ASM?

With only 64MB RAM and 400MHz CPU, the Pocket PC seems like an ideal candidate for hand-optimized Assembly Language programming. Seems Microsoft wants all developers to use eMbedded Visual Tools which has a limited choice of programming languages. If I understand it correctly, no matter what language (within eMbedded Visual Tools) that you use, they all output a language nuetral product which is Just-In-Time (JIT) compiled whenever the Pocket PC runs the application.

It seems the ASM programmer would have two options:

1) Write an assembler that outputs to this "language nuetral" format

{not knowing the exact nature of the language nuetral code, I am not sure much in the way of speed/size gains could be had from this approach}

2) Write a assembler/linker combo that targets the Pocket PC CPU opcodes and operating environment and discover a trick to skip the JIT compiler at run-time

{requires detailed knowledge of the CPU and the EXE format}

Does anyone here have any experience with the Software Development Kit for Windows Mobile 2003-based Pocket PCs?
Anyone know of any attempts to accomplish either of the two options I've described above? Links to existing projects would be appreciated.

Comments? Suggestions?



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